About us

At Strand Craft USA, we are proud to introduce our company to you:

Strand Craft was founded in 2003 by Kurt Strand. The company began as a design and development company, specializing in custom built luxury boats. Kurt Strand is a Norwegian boat builder with 30 years of experience in boat design and custom boat building.

For over 5 years, we have been developing an amazing watercraft that pushes the limits of what can be built within the safety and comfort of a personal watercraft. Strand Craft USA works closely with marine safety organizations to construct vessels that are simple to operate and that meets or exceeds marine safety requirements…

At Strand Craft we always strive for the best performance and the highest standards in the world. We know our customers expect the best from Strand Craft and we truly work hard to push the limits further.

Strand Craft luxury watercraft are proudly made in Florida by highly experienced custom boat builders. Our team has been imbedded in the boat building industry for many years, delivering the highest quality, bringing the brand to customers who wants the best of the best.



A company and team builder, Strand brought his business acumen to the boat building trade and elevated Strand Craft to a new standard of quality process and production. His expertise in boat & yacht design, custom cars, custom boat building in many ways paralleled the essentials of creating the most amazing watercrafts–exacting detail for top performance, use of latest technology and selecting only the finest materials for hand-crafted perfection.